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Credits and Post Production

Other projects added soon ...


Dagenham (Post Production)

Production : independent feature 

Director: Jo Morris 

Producer: Aiman Harhish

DOP:  Joao Cerqueira


Credit: Hair, Make-up, SFX and prosthetics




Zoo-head (Post Production)

Production: independent feature 

Director: Navin Dev

Producer: 1406 Pictures


Credit: Hair, Make-up and SFX and prosthetics





Martin Luther - Der Anschlag

Production: Bad Hersfeld Festspiele

Director: Dieter Wedel

Official Website: http://www.bad-hersfelder-festspiele.de/spielplan/martin-luther.html

Christian Nickel - Luther

Maximilian Pulst - Young Luther
Janina Stopper - Child Luther

Claude Oliver ​Rudolph - Tetzel

Elisabeth ​Lanz - Katharina von Bora

Marcel Heuperman - Ulrich von Hutten

Robert Joseph Bartl - Thomas Cajetan

Credit: Hair, Make-up, SFX




My Fair Lady

Production: Bad Hersfeld Festspiele

Director: Cusch Jung

Official Website: http://www.bad-hersfelder-festspiele.de/spielplan/my-fair-lady.html

Sandy Mölling - Eliza Doolittle 

Cusch Jung - Prof. Henry Higgins
Gunther Emmerlich - Oberst Pickering

Ilja Richter - Alfred P. Doolittle

Marlon Wehmeier - Freddy Eynsford-Hill

Joana Henrique - Mrs. Hopkins

Credit: Hair, Make-up




Shorts & Trailers

JIGSAW FEELING (Post Production)

Production : Short Film

Director: Emilo Soberino

Script: Kevin Pacey


Credit: Hair, make-up and SFX and prosthetics





Production : Short Film

Director: Dan French

Script: Dan French

Official Website: 



Credit: Hair, Make-up and SFX




The Third Eye (Post Production)

Production : Short Film

Director: Carlos Buenaventura

Producer: Carlos Buenaventura


Credit: Hair, Make-up and SFX




Commercials & Music Videos

Project Awesome - Rainbow Chinks

Production: Music Video

Director: Tom Baker   

Official Website:



Credit: Hair, Make-up 





Mina Murray's Journal (Season 1)

Producer: Maronis Productions

Director: James Moran

Official Website: minasjournal.com

Mina - Rosie Holt @rosieisaholt
Lucy - Kate Soulsby

Credit: Hair, Make-up




Antidoton (Greek)

Production : Short Film

Director: Michael Hapeshis

Producer: Michael Hapeshis

Script: Michael Hapeshis

Website: http://tiff.filmfestival.gr/default.aspx?lang=en-US&page=1380&SectionID=313&MovieID=3210


Credit: Make-up and SFX




Unstillbar (German)

Production : Short Film

Director: Manuel Mousiol

Producer: Produziert in D

Script: Manuel Mousiol & Dusan Sostaric

Website: https://www.facebook.com/UnstillbarFilm/


Credit: Hair, Make-up





Production : Short Film

Director: Ryan Dunick

Producer: Ryan Dunick

Script: Ryan Dunick

Website: https://www.facebook.com/TerrorRunsDOWNSTREAM/

Credit: Make-up and SFX




Coat Blanket Wendigo Fighter

Production : Promo Video

Director: Matthew Van Allen

Producer: Heavenly Creatures

Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FXUk7aFq_E

Credit: Make-up and SFX